About Us

Founded in 1991, AMES Builders started out modestly as a team of 5 workers. We participated in small general construction works in the early 90′s. As the construction industry picked up in the late 1990′s, AMES Builders grew to learn more technical aspects in different avenues of the construction industry. From there, we participated in more commercial projects. It was during this period, where we picked up skills and experience in the commercial construction (ie. sprinkler & dry riser installation, security alarm design & installation)

During our 21 years in this industry, we have overcame many obstacles and challenges which contribute to our learning process. We are constantly learning & upgrading as a unit, and we hope we can continue to provide our partners with our services in more years to come. As modern technologies enter new frontiers, AMES Builders continue to evolve and adjust to adapt to the construction industry.

Our Mission

To be the leading sub-contractor in Sprinkler Systems, Building Restoration & Security installation. AMES Builders shall be leader in the providing wholesome construction & building services in the Singapore market – Customer’s first choice – in construction and project development.